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Introducing the latest equipment and products from around the green industry!

Welcome ProGreen Experience Attendees!

Welcome to L.L. Johnson’s virtual booth/showroom.  Our Showroom highlights the newest equipment from around the green industry.  Learn about new products that will boost your operational effectiveness and profitability.


As seen on the 2021 ProGreen Experience 

• Highlighting the newest equipment from around the green industry. Class attendees will learn about new innovative equipment that can boost their operational effectiveness and profitability.

In case you missed this class at the ProGreen Experience – you can watch it here.  Click on the button below to watch the New Product Spotlight.


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New Products from Scag Power Equipment

▪ See the most advanced innovations in mower/debris maintenance and turf care.

New Toro Dingo Products

▪ Meet the most versatile landscape tool on the planet. Learn about the latest Toro Dingo innovations and products that will boost productivity on any job site. Introducing the NEW eDingo, the NEW Swivel Mud Buggy, and the Dingo TXL2000

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The NEW Scag Turf Storm

Meet the stand-on spreader sprayer that’s taking the industry by storm.
Boost productivity and profitability!

Built-Scag Tough, the Turf Storm is a must-have tool for the serious landscape chemical applicator, and anyone looking to expand their lawn care offerings. A natural fit for large commercial properties, the Turf Storm also makes itself at home while treating residential lawns. With right-sized liquid and dry capacities, the Turf Storm will help you get more done per day for maximum productivity and profitability.

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The NEW Toro eDingo

Introducing the world’s first electric Dingo®.

Built for indoors but strong enough for outdoors! As a market leader in compact utility loaders, Toro has made a major step into the electric equipment marketplace with the introduction of the new Toro® e-Dingo™ 500 compact utility loader. The e-Dingo allows contractors and construction professionals to realize all the benefits and power of a standard compact utility loader with no fuel costs and zero exhaust emissions. Greater efficiency, and reliable performance sets the e-Dingo apart for faster completion times and greater ROI for Rental partners. It’s powered by lithium-ion battery technology designed for tasks that require heavy or continuous operation for indoor applications. The maximum operating capacity of 515 pounds reduces labor and hauling time.

See the eDingo in action! | Video

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Trims, raises or preplaces most brands of pop-up spray heads in a fraction of the time it takes by using a shovel, without the mess!

How it works:

Using your hands, or any 3/8” drive ratchet or T-handled tool, center the SC-20 Sod Cutter/Internal Removal Tool over the sprinkler, apply firm downward pressure so the teeth cut into the sod.

Rotate back and forth until the sprinkler is contacted, remove any sod from the cutter and set aside for fill.

Once the sprinkler cap is contacted, apply gentle downward pressure and turn the SC-20 counterclockwise (to your left) until the internal assembly is removed, or the entire sprinkler is removed…