Irrigation Spotlight

Video | See the Spray Rise Tool in Action!


Change or Raise a spray head in under 1 minute vs. 7-10 minutes

No Digging, No Mess, No turf/soil disturbance around spray

How it works:

Using your hands, or any 3/8” drive ratchet or T-handled tool, center the SC-20 Sod Cutter/Internal Removal Tool over the sprinkler, apply firm downward pressure so the teeth cut into the sod.

Rotate back and forth until the sprinkler is contacted, remove any sod from the cutter and set aside for fill.

Once the sprinkler cap is contacted, apply gentle downward pressure and turn the SC-20 counterclockwise (to your left) until the internal assembly is removed, or the entire sprinkler is removed.

Once the internal assembly is removed, insert the CRT-20 Case Removal Tool and rotate until the CRT-20 fits snuggly into the sprinkler case. Gently turn counterclockwise (to your left) until the case is removed from the ground. Screw appropriate number of rise-extenders into the bottom of the case and screw the case back into the ground.

Irrigation Water Softener

Magnation Water Technologies is a leading manufacturer of physical water conditioning and correcting products that are chemical-free, energy-free and maintenance-free solutions for sustainable water use in every industry and application.

Their proven track-record since 2008 has gained trust among the top leading Agricultural producers, Sports Turfgrass irrigators, Commercial facilities and Industrial corporations worldwide. No other company in the marketplace delivers results or stands by their products like Magnation, with a two year money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Magnation’s mission is to solve complex water challenges by delivering sustainable and efficient water treatment systems resulting in water, energy and chemical conservation which will protect and rehabilitate our environment.


Salt-free, Eco-friendly Home Water System

Magnation is an emerging leader in providing innovative water solutions for the home.  Magnation offers a salt-free eco-friendly home water system that requires zero maintenance, reduces TDS’s and cuts use of detergents and chemicals by 50%.  Home benefits include soft water with a reduction/reversal of scale build up, healthier water for drinking, less residue on bathroom fixtures, healthier skin and hair and lower costs in swimming pool maintenance.  Garden benefits include deeper water penetration into the soil, water conservation, better quality gardens and plant vigor.

Magnation has been the top-of-class for salt-free water softening since 2008.

Magnation Product Features
  • Salt-free water softening

  • Zero maintenance

  • Zero electricity

  • Zero by-products

  • 2-year money back guarantee

  • Install once and you’re done for a decade

  • Eco-friendly

L.L. Johnson Irrigation

The L.L. Johnson Irrigation department is your complete source for all your landscaping needs.
Customer Service

We take great pride in being “partners” with our customers by understanding their needs, treating them as our own and fulfilling them as quickly as possible.  Our experience in the industry and dedication to customer satisfaction has helped our customers succeed for over 45 years.

Our Products

We supply a variety of products from single zone residential sprinkler systems to large golf course applications.  Being locally owned and operated allows us to have the product information, inventory availability and knowledgeable staff that is specific to the Rocky Mountain and Great Plains regions we service.

L.L. Johnson Sprinkler Centers

We have 4 conveniently located irrigation centers in Colorado.

L.L. Johnson – Denver
4701 Ivy St | Denver, CO 80216

PH: (303) 320-1270

Fort Collins Sprinkler Center
6124 South College Ave | Fort Collins, CO 80526
Main: (970) 223-3316

Colorado Springs Sprinkler Center
1476 Selix Grove | Colorado Springs, CO 80915
Main: (719) 574-0630

Pueblo Sprinkler Center
2930 Granada Blvd | Pueblo, CO 81005
Main: (719) 564-2265